5 de Junho de 2023 a 30 de Junho de 2023

Warm Up Course JavaScript - Coding for newbies


  • Contacto Website
  • Horário Pós-Laboral
  • Duração 40h
  • Tipo Certificado
  • Preço €375

What is MindSwap Warm Up?
It is a short introduction course to programming, about algorithms.

The goal of this introductory course is to initiate the development of computer algorithms solving problems for newbies.

The learning process is based on 10 fundamental algorithms and the programming implementation uses JavaScrip language. Using active methodologies to achieve better results, techniques of Team-based Learning and Problem-based Learning will be applied. As a result, the students will experiment with basic aspects to evaluate their skills in this fascinating area.

This course will help you understand if programming is your thing and give you the foundation to be able to surf big at your bootcamp.

How much will I pay to be a part of this program?

It will cost you 375€+IVA to start your path in IT.

The amount you will pay for this course is fully deducted from the price of the MindSwap bootcamp you choose to do next.

When will classes be?

Dates: 05-06-2023 - 30-06-2023

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Schedule: 7 - 10pm


What are the requirements?
You should be passionate about technology, fairly comfortable with both written and spoken English, and have completed the minimum mandatory schooling.


You will have the opportunity to take a course within a tech company, learn from people with experience in the area and experience Mindera's unique culture.

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