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Dognaedis is a company focused in cybersecurity and information security, founded in 2010 by a team of researchers from CERT-IPN and from Coimbra University. Currently, Dognaedis develops business among 12 countries, headquartered in Portugal with offices in the UK and USA. Dognaedis presents itself as a service provider efficiency oriented, and as a vendor of cybersecurity innovative technology.
Since March 2016, Dognaedis is integrated within Prosegur group, a worldwide leader in the security sector with activity among the five continentes.
In 2019 Prosegur Cybersecurity division started converging to a single global brand for the cybersecurity field: Cipher, a Prosegur Company.
By bringing together the efforts and skills of Dognædis, Prosegur Cybersecurity and Cipher, while maintaining the focus on delivering the best quality driven services and keeping at the forefront of Information Security and Cybersecurity, we will be able to improve our delivery capability on a global scale!

Rua Pedro Nunes
Edificío IPN - Incubadora
3030-199 Coimbra
[email protected]

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