6 de Dezembro de 2017

Data Scientist – Machine Learning (m/f)


UNO Means You Know : 

We are here to boldly question all those who impose blackbox solutions, where information is confined within walls and silos.

We believe that unity is strength, knowledge is power, but only wisdom can move us forward.

We are part of a new future!

UNO is a Software as a Service (SaaS) technological solutions project that enables digital operations, working with data monitoring and analytics to create better and faster decisions that magnify business potential and accelerate growth. Through our deep industry knowledge and specific solutions, we help to design and implement digital strategies. UNO Platform delivers IoT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and operational applications as a service, that will ultimately lead to event prediction and resource’s optimization. At UNO, we strive to upgrade overall performance, reliability, integrity and safety through decision-making process improvement and digital expertise.

We strongly believe that Knowledge Shapes the Future !!



- Collect, process and cleanse data. Transform and convert unstructured datasets into structured data for algorithm input;

- Develop and test end-to-end machine learning systems, from data pipelines and training to real-time predictive engines;

- Anticipate customers’ business needs and innovate by building working prototypes in one or more of the following areas: Computer vision, object detection and localization, natural language processing, recommendation systems and forecasting.



- MS degree in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics or related quantitative field with proven track record of complex Big Data background;

-  3+ years of relevant experience;

- Experience in one or more of the following areas: machine learning and optimization, pattern recognition, deep learning;

- Familiarity with popular machine learning frameworks/libraries such as:  sklearn, spark mllib, Tensorflow / Theano / Keras / Caffe or other;

- Experience with one or more general purpose programming languages: Java, C/C++ or Python;

- Experience integrating machine learning algorithms into applications (design and implement);

- Scientific, data-driven mindset.



- Knowledge and experience in high performance computing (CUDA/OpenCL);

- Ability to profile, benchmark, optimize and scale algorithms and/or DL architectures on industrial problems and situations.


Our culture:

We strive for an open and collaborative environment where ideas are at the center for discussion;

Growing our people means growing our business, that’s our focus !  

Join us, and help us Shape the Future !!


If you feel you’re a fit to this position, that you want to know more about the vacancy  or you simply want to discuss any issue with our Data Science team please contact us through the HR Department and we’ll gladly reach out to you.

[email protected]


Location: Porto, Portugal