2 de Janeiro de 2019

Senior Full-Stack Engineer (m/f)

Fractal Blockchain

  • Localidade Porto
  • Contrato Contrato sem termo
  • Horário Full-time
  • Salário €60 000

Fractal’s 9-strong engineering team is known for its sky-high standards and aspirations. Software is hard, and we know it takes curiosity, passion, discipline, and patience to get it right.

Fractal builds critical web applications and services for enabling, monitoring and reconciling financial transactions using blockchain technology. We’re working with ICOs, exploring the identity space, and looking forward to open-sourcing financial technology, which is desperately lacking appropriate and inclusive international standards.

The blockchains we focus on mostly at the moment are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Lisk. To go along with the blockchain bits, we have to keep the usual suspects in their place: feisty web apps with industrious data flows.
Fractal’s engineering sits in Porto and Berlin. We’re looking for full-time engineers ideally for Porto, but we’re happy to work in Berlin or remotely with the right candidate.

Your Profile

There's a specific kind of person we're looking for. We understand we’re describing a rare breed, so it’s ok if you don’t meet all these requirements.

  • You consider yourself a senior software engineer, and so do all of you peers.
  • You understand that “move fast and break things” is only a good philosophy when what you build is inconsequential.
  • You've built at least a handful of websites by now, of which at least one really challenged your software design skills and dealt with more than 10 concurrent users.
  • You're excited to break out of an application's code and think about the system as a whole (tweaking nginx configs, thinking about load balancers, worrying about queues and their throughput).
  • DFA, BFS, DFS, A*: these are not just words for you. You might not be totally in the know, but you'd know where to start. You can reason about algorithmic complexity and know which trade-offs to make.
  • You're the person your friends turn to when they hear about that new tech in Hacker News. They do that because you’re up to speed with the current trends and great at breaking down complex technology in a way that your juniors can grasp.
  • Someone at our team has done mutation testing by hand because they’re that careful about things. You don’t think this is crazy, and maybe have done the same yourself.
  • You get really angry if someone tries to takes away your agile, or your tests, or your continuous delivery, or.... You get the point.

Your education and years of experience don’t matter but, when we speak, we need to feel like you’ve been doing this forever.

We build our web applications mostly in Ruby/Rails for the backend and JavaScript/React for the frontend. We also have a bunch of services running Go. Our infra is docker-containerized and sits on AWS (Fargate/ECS and RDS PostgreSQL) and is managed through Terraform.

If this is you, reach out to [email protected]

Our Values

It’s always difficult to accurately write about one’s values in a way that captures their subtlety, but here's a decent start. We can chat more about it during the application process.

  • Gather great talent: Have the best peers you could ask for, people you can continuously teach and learn with. We know A-players want to work with other A-players.
  • Enforce transparency: Every decision's process is documented in the clear, all information is available to everyone (to the extent of the law).
  • Include everyone: Consider all ideas from anyone. Even if it isn't your area of expertise, we encourage you to ask questions and contribute in any way you feel inclined.
  • Don't worry about salaries: We want our engineers thinking about code, not money. All engineers get paid enough to live a comfortable lifestyle.
  • Promote authenticity: We have an informal environment, and we believe getting along well is fundamental. Everyone's different and we're going to spend a third of our lives together, so we make sure everyone feels welcome.

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