16 de Setembro de 2019

(Junior) PHP / MySQL developer (m/f)

Togather Finance

  • Localidade Internacional
  • Contrato Contrato sem termo
  • Horário Full-time
  • Salário €35 750

For our IT Team (5 people) we are looking for a (junior) full stack PHP developer that will closely integrate with, not only our IT Team in Amsterdam, but also in the business.

Our company is focused on financing small and medium sized businesses and with its rapid (700%) growth pace has started to expand across our Dutch borders, landing deals in both Germany and the UK.

Expect to be working with a well-motivated team that is working on prioritized items that try to balance scalability, efficiency, security and new functionality.

For example this month alone; focus was on moving our Reminders logic into a system of a corporate customer, refactoring the onboarding process of customers, integrating an API which allows us to absorb bank transactions of all our customers, reworking some queries to be able to handle 1000’s of records, etc…

In our daily life we use: Bare PHP (no framework), PHPStorm, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Datatables, GitHub, Slack and Trello. We’ve moved the hosting to AWS in January.

What we offer in NL:

  • 27 holidays
  • Laptop / Phone
  • Travel cost remuneration (work – office)
  • Two return tickets to Portugal
  • 2750 euro base salary (35.750 yearly)
  • Help with finding accommodation in NL

Our team in NL:

  • A relocated Senior Developer from Turkey (he’s really good)
  • A junior developer with Afghan roots (the nicest guy and he can code to)
  • A relocated Developer from Portugal (probably even codes in his sleep)
  • A Dutch functional Analyst / Tester (the guy that tells you what you did wrong)
  • A Dutch developer (just started so I have nothing witty to say yet)
  • A motivated Manager/Developer from the Netherlands (he understands what you are doing)

Plans you can be involved in realizing

  • Building API’s
  • Working on V4 of the product
  • Re-engineering the operations part of the system
  • Expanding existing product sections
  • Issue Fixing and Request fulfilment
  • Further professionalizing our IT team
  • Trying to bring down our 3000 hour long Dev wishlist

Meet us in Portugal - Vila Real at the DTech event where we have a booth and a hiring test on the 18th and 19th of October.


Contact [email protected] in case of any questions.

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