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Connect Fest

5 de Setembro de 2019 a 6 de Setembro de 2019

Two conference days with focus on solving actual problems with new and inspiring perspectives and one festival day make ConnectFest’19 a great choice to learn technology with fun.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT – Mobile, Web, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Agile, UX, Security, Blockchain, IoT, Accessibility, Virtual Reality, Management 3.0, DevOps

Connect Fest will gather both professionals & enthusiasts. A diverse tech community will allow you to learn by sharing your knowledge and being faced with different perspectives.

National & international speakers will be openly sharing their knowledge with talks on different areas of technology. The focus will be on solving problems with new and inspiring perspectives.

Take part in the workshops and add value to your experience. The will be sessions for a limited number of people , so make sure you grab your spot!