Leiria - Online

Implement a Continuous Testing Loop in 20 Minutes or Less

30 de Junho de 2020

Achieving a Continuous Testing loop usually results in a painful and slow experience : configure, create tests, execute on various browsers, integrate in a CI/CD pipeline, report and troubleshoot. If you get there, eventually run tests in production, start some analytics and enter in test maintenance nightmare.

We will share how you can implement those steps from beginning to end under 20 minutes leveraging testing best-practices supported by integrated solutions, achieving a real feedback loop.

You will be able to learn about the following practices :

How to setup a reusable test configuration
How to design test for rapid creation and maintenance
How to setup a CI/CD integration with your test suite
How to leverage your test for operations monitoring
How integrated reporting and ticketing can accelerate your bug fixing
How analytical dashboards enable tests stability and business performance

The event is held online in Portugal/London time, in Portuguese or English depending on the audience,

Thanks for your venue, bring a peer!