Lisboa - Online Meetup

AKUG.PT #3 : Moving to Event-Driven with Kafka at Unbabel

17 de Setembro de 2020

Apache Kafka® have been evolving as a central piece inside Data Architecture over the last years. Yet adopting new technology inside an existing and moving ecosystem remains challenging. Why adopting it in the first place? How to start? On which use-cases? How to deal with existing systems and their transitions? Which impacts on the organisation?

João Vasques will be our speaker for this event. He will start by sharing why they decided to move to event-driven architecture using Kafka, to then share how they integrated the technology. He will conclude with the lessons learned on their journey. It will be followed by Q&A and exchange session.

The event will be held online for an hour. In this current context, please check the remote visioconference link. If any password is asked please use : akug

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In this talk we are going to take a look of how Unbabel is changing its entire data strategy using Apache Kafka. This is a big change that is touching every system that the company has. Some of topics that will be presented are:
- Why is Unbabel moving from a legacy ETL system to a real time one using events.
- The reasons for adopting Kafka and Protobufs
- How have we introduced a new complex piece of technology using a small team
- How have we enabled other teams to start using Kafka productively
- Lessons learned from using Kafka for over 5 months.

SPEAKER : João Vasques
João Vasques is Engineering Manager at Unbabel, The World's Translation Layer. João is responsible for designing, planning and executing the data vision for the company. This touches areas such as data processing, security, data visualization. João is interested in large scale distributed systems, security, blockchain, people management and organizational health. Besides all of this João is a taekwondo black belt and guitar player.