Leiria - Online Meetup

Deploy and Scale APIs in the Cloud with Kubernetes #k8s #aws #eks

28 de Outubro de 2020

APIs existing since entities needs to exchange data using an agreed protocol, format and exchange layers. Data exchanges evolves slowly due to their technical limitations, batch pattern, and specific protocols within a ecosystem struggling to define open standards. APIs have accelerated since the emergence and adoption of REST for a simpler, faster and easier integrations. More recently, trends with GraphQL are even challenging the exposition and the use of APIs gateways. Data exchange and leverage is a key capability of scaling for companies nowadays, the public Cloud being a suitable option to support those requirements.

But how to design, build and deploy in those environments? What are the good practices, pitfalls? How to start and evolve? This is the questions we will cover in the talk with Gustavo Mota da Silva, with a wide range of experience in APIs and Cloud deployments.

The talk will be held in Portuguese for about 30 to 40 minutes, followed by a Q&A session. The event will last from 17h to 18h, including Q&A session. The event is free and requires inscription on Meetup. You may require to provide connection information to the online platform.

The event is organized jointly by the TICE.Leiria workgroup. La Redoute is sponsoring the event providing the conference material. It will take place on Zoom, we will communicate the link prior to the event. The password in case required : #tice

Thanks in advance for your participation and help in sharing the event,

Hoping to see you there!

TALK : Deploy and Scale APIs in the Cloud with Kubernetes (AWS/EKS)

Basic structure of the functioning of a Kubernetes Cluster
How to setup kubernetes cluster in Cloud AWS environment using Eksctl
How to manage node groups.
How to configure node groups auto scaling
Pod auto scaling
Performing deployments and configuration management using Helm

SPEAKER : Gustavo Mota da Silva
My name is Gustavo Mota da Silva, I'm Brazilian, I'm 34 years old, I'm from Rio de Janeiro.

I am excited about the Devops culture and Cloud Native application design. My experience spans a large part of the e-commerce market, financial services and more recently working with product design. During my career I have been through several areas such as infrastructure, automated testing, development, and more recently focused on process automation, design and cloud.
Agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban have always been part of my projects.

My free time I like going to the beach, I like series, movies and games.