Leiria - Online Meetup

Meetup : PowerBI, What is it & How to leverage it?

21 de Janeiro de 2021

Most BI solutions out there are expensive and take a lot of technical expertise, with a self-service tool Microsoft Power BI closes the gap between data and decision making, allowing for users to create their own reports with an easy and low cost option.

In this session we will take a first approach to what is Microsoft Power BI and it's several uses and show how we can have a quick start on the tool without the need of big investments or technical expertise.

Miguel Fèlix will be our speaker for this event, starting by a presentation of Power BI key elements to then share its usage on a concrete business use-case. If you want to perform the workshop demo on your side, here are the pre-requisites you need to have ready :
Power BI Desktop (Version: 2.87.762.0 64-bit (November 2020)
Microsoft Store - Search Power BI Desktop
Download from link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=58494
Financial Sample Excel Workbook
Download from link: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-bi/create-reports/sample-financial-download
The event will last from 18 to 19h30, including Q&A session. The event is free and requires inscription on Meetup. You may require to provide connection information to the online platform.

The event is organized jointly by the TICE.Leiria workgroup. La Redoute is sponsoring the event providing the conference material. It will take place on Zoom, we will communicate the link prior to the event. The password in case required : #tice

Thanks in advance for your participation and help in sharing the event,

Hoping to see you there!