Porto - Devexperts Portugal

dxTechTalk - Frontend Day

6 de Dezembro de 2022

We invite you to the last meetup in 2022: dxTechTalk – Frontend Day. Join us to learn more about atomic design methodology and how to improve UX using fp-ts patterns.

Don’t forget to take your winter Holiday mood with you as we’ll have a festive networking after the talks!


19:00 - Registration

19:30 - Atomic Design in Frontend by Juliana Macedo, Frontend Developer
One of the main challenges of developing component-based applications is organizing all the UI components and creating reusable components easy to read and maintain. We’ll talk about what atomic design methodology is and how it can help front-end developers create consistent structure and better scalability while improving development speed.

20:00 - Improving UX with fp-ts/io-ts Functional Programming by André da Silva Medeiros, Frontend Team Lead
Creating a good UX is challenging. Creating a good UX without bloating your code is even more challenging. We will share our experience in enriching UX with the help of functional programming using fp-ts and one of its most loyal companions, io-ts. You will learn about patterns we implemented, the pros and cons of using io-ts, and the lessons we made after the project.

20:30 - After party: networking, drinks, and music