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Frontend Development Festival Porto 2023

22 de Abril de 2023

Welcome and nice to meet you! We're launching fest.dev initiative to gather developers from all over the world everywhere in the world. Our history starts with organising one of the best and biggest conferences in Kharkiv, Ukraine for Front-end developers in 2011 that helped thousands of developers to learn and network during almost a decade.

This time we are going to talk about Frontend and everything related to Frontend Development.

8+ Speakers
8+ Talks
1 Stream
1 QA Session with developers
And much more ...

On "Frontend Festival Porto 2023" we are going to talk about trends and self-development.

Eugene Moroz (Chief Architect at Namecheap.com) - Security in web - unobvious parts

Nelson Sachse (Strategy Lead || Founder at matosinhos.tech) - The state of tech in the north of Portugal

Sara Vieira (Developer at @axodotdev) - 3D in the web for all

Romulo Cintra (Web enthusiast at @igalia) - TC39 - From the proposal to ECMAScript - Step by Step

Egor Miasnikov (Solution Architect, Amazon) - From Figma to Fullstack React App With Minimal Programming

Artem Yavorsky (DevTools TeamLead at Wix.com) - AI for developers - assistant or potential threat?

Daniel Afonso (Developer Advocate at OLX) - Learn Remix, Accidentally Learn the Web

Harshil Agrawal (Developer Advocate @contentful) - Controlling the web with a PS5 controller

Marcelo Sousa (CEO, ReviewPad) - Fluid pull requests: a new way to safely change code faster!

We want to build show not regular conference.The show where you will find new friends and got new knowledges. The Festival.