Porto - Hard Club (Antigo Mercado Ferreira Borges)

Scala Swarm

20 de Junho de 2017 a 23 de Junho de 2017

@ScalaSwarmConf | #ScalaSwarm

is a Scala programming language (and accompanying technologies) conference brought to you by the altruistic crew that organized the #BeeScala conference and introduced a new standard of a great conference. Our approach to conference organization is unconventional and above all holistic - we value every aspect of our attendees and our speakers. We strive for a multilayered and unforgettable experience forged by the people for the people, aim to strengthen the human ties, empower our common
potential and raise awareness. We settle for nothing less.
(Promo video: https://youtu.be/ydf18Cf5q1E)

20 & 21 June - Workshops
- Monitoring Microservices with Kamon
- Functional Event Sourced Applications with Fun.CQRS
- Scala Center Hackathon

21 June
Registration, Keynote by Jon Pretty & Welcome reception

22-23 June
Conference (see detailed program here: scala-swarm.org)