Lisboa - IDEA HUB - Palácio Sotto Mayor

phplx meetup - May 2018

17 de Maio de 2018


19:00 - Registration

19:30 - Retry Strategies with RabbitMQ - Paulo Rodrigues Pinto

20:15 - Being an Engineer in Silicon Valley - Sean Caetano Martin

20:45 - Prize Raffle

20:50 - Networking


Retry Strategies with RabbitMQ
Exploring mechanisms to gracefully handle failures in RabbitMQ-based applications.

About Paulo Rodrigues Pinto
Software Engineer with more than a decade of experience designing and implementing Web applications. Currently Lead Developer at Teamleader CRM. Previously co-founder and Lead Engineer at Memeoirs. Open Source contributor.

Being an Engineer in Silicon Valley
A brief look into engineering in Silicon Valley.

About Sean Caetano Martin
My name is Sean, but feel free to call me xonecas/xon at will. I just moved back to Portugal after 11 years in San Francisco where I mastered in Math and minored in Computer Science. While abroad I got the opportunity to work with some very exciting companies, Google and TheHomeDepot to name a couple.