15 de Abril de 2019

Application Architect (m/f)


  • Localidade Internacional
  • Contrato Contrato sem termo
  • Horário Full-time
  • Referência AA3

We are a company composed by highly skilled and motivated IT consultants with a wide range of experience in projects all over the world. Our aim is to grow with hard working people who want to get better, more skilled and more knowledgeable. Only by consistently having a thirst for knowledge and challenges can we transcend as professionals.



  •  Architecture and design of information systems;
  •  Review of the architecture of existing systems;
  •  Design and development of architectural components and building blocks;
  • Analysis of the integration of different information systems;
  • Data analysis and data modelling;
  • Coordination of the implementation of the technical architecture;
  • Technical interface between the project leaders and the developers;
  • Production of software architecture documents;
  • Participation in technical working groups, progress meetings and meetings with the users;
  • Assistance during relevant parts of testing, analysis, technical documentation, deployment, evaluation and reporting;
  • Design of application data models;
  • Design of application workflow models;
  • Design of application APIs using suitable frameworks (REST, Swagger)
  • Design and development of software components and building blocks using suitable back-end components and frameworks (Java Spring, JPA);
  • Design and development of relevant tests for software components;
  • Design and implementation of application integration with corporate IAM services for authentication and authorization purposes;
  • Delivery through a CI/CD pipeline.



  • Good knowledge of Enterprise Architecture;
  • Good knowledge of Service-Oriented Architecture, Micro-Service Architecture;
  • Good knowledge of Java application servers, in particular Oracle WebLogic;
  • Good knowledge of Relational DBMS, in particular Oracle DB;
  • Good knowledge of web application design, in particular Java back-end components and frameworks (Java Spring, JPA);
  • Good knowledge of modelling methods and notations (UML);
  • Good knowledge of SQL;
  • Good knowledge of CI/CD applications and container technologies
  • Good knowledge of business process analysis;
  • Knowledge of interoperability technology (e.g. web services, REST APIs);
  •  Ability to write clear and structured technical documents;
  • Ability to give technical presentations;
  • Ability to apply high quality standards;
  • Ability to cope with fast changing technologies used in application;
  • Ability to participate in multi-lingual meetings, good communication skills;
  • Capability of integration in an international/multicultural environment;
  • Rapid self-starting capability and experience in working in team;
  • Experiences in banking sector would be a plus.

Essential skills:

  •  Proven experience in Java web application development (Java Spring, Java Spring Boot, JPA, Hibernate);

Specific Expertise:

  •  Master Degree
  • 13 years of IT professional experience;
  • 6 years’ experience in development of information systems;
  • 6 years’ experience with Java web application development (of which, at least 3 years of development experience with Java Spring and REST API development);
  • 2 years’ experience with Agile software development (refactoring, test-driven development, user story modelling);
  • Good knowledge of Swagger / OpenAPI;
  • Good knowledge of Atlassian tools (Bitbucket, Jira, Confluence, Balsamiq);
  • Good knowledge of Maven;
  • Good knowledge of Jenkins;
  • Good knowledge of Docker, Kubernetes;
  • Good knowledge of JUnit, SonarQube.



  • Integration in a young and dynamic team;
  • Salary framework aligned with proven experience;
  • Annual training including technical certifications;
  • Career development participating in ambitious technological projects.


Interested candidates can apply through [email protected] by sending a detailed CV.

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