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Our Mission

Our mission is pure and simple. We aim to bring high quality coffee and tea solutions and household accessories to everyone, in line with your values. We innovate to create great designs at affordable prices based on our guiding principle that form follows functionality, while keeping an eye on sustainability, environmental responsibility, and respect for the wellbeing of our staff, our communities, and our planet.

“Good design doesn’t have to be expensive,” Peter Bodum.

Our Ethics

Taking responsibility for the environment and following sustainable business practices are a vital part of BODUM®’s ethics.

For almost 30 years, BODUM® Portuguesa has been one of our main production bases, and we’re in the process of expanding our factory and moving more of our production there.

BODUM® Portuguesa has set a short-term environmental objective of reducing CO2 emissions. To achieve this goal, we’ve turned to the most innovative green technologies available – photovoltaic panels and energy storage batteries – with the aim of being entirely self-sufficient in the near future. Production sustainability, environmental responsibility, and concern for the wellbeing, safety and working conditions of our workers are all key to BODUM® Portuguesa’s objectives.

In line with our motto – make taste, not waste – we’re looking at everything from production to packaging to ensure that we don’t create unnecessary waste. After all, design isn’t merely a product statement.

Our Brands and Shops

As of 2016, BODUM® products are sold in 55 countries with 7 dedicated BODUM® stores, and many more shop-in-shops, outlet stores, and sales points around the world. Over the coming years we’re committed to opening more BODUM® stores, like our recent flagship stores in Paris (2011), Frankfurt (2013) and Brussels (2015), plus a number of shop-in-shops. Many of these will feature our new French Press Café, already located in Frankfurt, Brussels and Tokyo.

BODUM® – visionary innovation for over 70 years

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