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BrandBastion provides 24/7 social media engagement management for 350+ accounts in 43 languages via a comprehensive AI-supported solution, helping many of the world’s leading brands in retail, entertainment, gaming, luxury and technology improve ROAS and achieve more positive interactions with their customers online.

BrandBastion has main offices in Helsinki, Finland, and Los Angeles, United States, with strong presence in Latin America, Asia, and Europe as well.

The problem: Advertising on social media is interactive and users can comment on ads, these comments becoming part of the ad. These comments can range from positive comments or customer inquiries that are left unattended, or highly negative comments such as spam, scam, hate speech, brand attacks or competitor promotions that can impact ad performance.

The solution: Our proprietary AI solution processes every comment brands receive across their campaigns, taking actions on content according to brand preference. This results in:
Increased Return On Ad Spend by up to 109%
Increased Positive User Sentiment by up to 269%
Protecting against expensive PR crisis
Protecting against legal and security related risks

Our products:
Moderation + Alerts: Eliminate spam, hate speech, fake news and competitor promotions from your campaigns. BrandBastion takes actions on your behalf removing harmful content from your ads and sending real-time alerts when something requires your attention around the clock.

Insights: Understand your customers and drive better results on social through in-depth topical and sentiment-based insights. Our solution provides actionable insights into your campaigns enabling you to optimize based on user interaction.

Customer Response: We issue natural responses on your behalf across all your campaigns making sure users receive the information they need to make a purchase. Provided across ads, organic accounts and private messages.

Ad Optimization + Paid Social Insurance: Right now there is no way to optimize branding campaigns in real-time. This product allocates more budget to ads that receive positive sentiment and less (or no) budget to ads receiving high negative sentiment, allowing you to invest in the ads that resonate the best with your audience. Provided through integration with

IP Protection: Based on client preference, BrandBastion scans social media platforms for infringing videos, images, profiles and accounts. We collect the necessary information for take-down notices to be filed. This is done 24/7 by the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and trained human analyst teams.

Yrjönkatu 11 D 20
00120 Helsinki

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