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Coimbra Genomics develops clinical decision support systems based on a patient’s whole genome sequence.

Our aim is to bring individualised medicine to the desktop of every doctor. We develop tools that bridge genomic knowledge and medical practice, making it easy for any physician to make important decisions adapted to each patient’s genetic makeup.

Our software platform, ELSIE, allows physicians to consult their patients’ genome sequence through standardized queries, and quickly obtain easy-to-read reports with information relevant for clinical decisions.
We provide a simple, scalable and secure way to perform personalized medicine. Coimbra’s technology can be used by any physician, regardless of previous knowledge in genetics, without stopping patient flow or requiring learning on the spot.
Its extreme flexibility allows coupling to any sequencing technology, integration into existing IT systems and compliance with different legal and logistic requirements. The system also allows the matching of clinical and genetic data to unveil valuable genome-phenome correlations.

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