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For more than 130 years, the name HEIDENHAIN has stood for pioneering measurement and control technology.
As a leading technology company, our innovative CNC controls and high-accuracy encoders drive advances in production automation across a variety of industries, including electronics and semiconductor manufacturing. We are the ideal environment for passionate technology professionals seeking to set more in motion. By investing a large part of our revenues in R&D and staff development, we create secure, long-term employment opportunities and a bright future at our headquarters in Traunreut, Germany, and our subsidiaries around the world, including at our new internal service center for IT specialists and software developers in Porto, Portugal!

    Dr.-Johannes-Heidenhain-Straße 5
    83301 Traunreut, Germany
  • Fundada em 1889
  • Nº colaboradores 5001-10000
  • Redes Sociais LinkedIn

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