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EmailBidding is the first and only Email Marketing Advertising Platform in the World. A self-service, web-based platform for advertisers and agencies that allows them to segment and bid for the audience in our opt-in publishers' network.

We are jumping to the next curve, leading a revolution, inspiring Advertisers and bringing Email Marketing to the next level. With powerful statistics and intelligent algorithms, EmailBidding computes the best fit between campaigns and subscribers, assigning the best available campaign for each individual subscriber.

We are also a great place to work. We have a VERY informal and dynamic environment where each person can and should make a difference.

If you want to know more about EmailBidding, you can visit our website

Parque de Ciência e Tecnologia da Universidade do Porto
Rua Alfredo Allen, nº 455/461, 4200-135 Porto

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