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EVIO developed a SaaS, agnostic, multisided platform for the electric vehicle charging ecosystem, that provides differentiated services, ranging from the EV user to the infrastructure and fleet manager, while incentivizing sustainable charging. We promote the use of renewable energy and efficiency in the use of resources, a connection between both the mobility and the energy worlds. Our solutions can be implemented by: countries, cities, utilities, companies, condominiums, parking lots, shopping centers, hotels, fleet managers, etc. We provide value added services to our B2B2C, B2B and B2C customers.
The platform is available commercially, and it has been in use by several multinational customers. We are now working on the second stage, in order to develop energy services: to enable EVs - and then other consumers’ loads - as tools for Demand-side Response (DR), a market that, already today, poses major opportunities for value generation.

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