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GoodBarber the leading European app building platform. A tool that allows non-developers to create high-performing iOS and Android native apps, as well as Progressive Web Apps with the best design and user experience out there. By significantly slashing the cost of making an app, GoodBarber makes the best mobile and web technology accessible to everyone.

Over 30,000 apps use GoodBarber today. They always stay ahead of the game thanks to the constant progress made through the continuous R&D GoodBarber is dedicated to.

As one of the Top 3 App Builders in the world, GoodBarber has managed to build a quality reputation across 5 continents, and counts customers in 147 countries. We have entities in 4 locations: Ajaccio (France), Lisbon (Portugal), Coimbra (Portugal), and New York City (USA). Out of our team of 45, 10 nationalities are covered and are there to assist clients in their native languages.

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