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When you stay in a hostel you get to meet the real world, not the tourist brochure. You’ll instantly get talking to other travellers and together, you’ll see places you never knew existed and do the most extraordinary things. Why sit on a cramped tour bus when you could be volcano surfing in Nicaragua or riding a ferris wheel in an abandoned salt mine in Romania? 
We've got over 35,000 hostels and budget accommodation options around the globe: from a chic design hostel in Paris to a lively party hostel in Budapest or a quirky eco-friendly hostel in Amsterdam. No matter where your curiosity takes you next, our hostels put you at the heart of the action at budget prices. You'll instantly get talking to other travellers, have amazing adventures and create unbelievable memories together. Book your next hostel adventure now!
Company Values –SPIRIT
Service Excellence: Our customers external/internal and property partners come first and are at the centre of all we do.
Pace: We will respond to the needs of our customers and colleagues with real urgency to ensure Hostelworld is proactive and agile in a fast moving and competitive landscape.
Innovation: We will encourage and develop new ideas and creative thinking as the basis for continuous improvement and future success.
Respect: We value our colleagues and others, respect our differences and the different contributions that each of us can make.
Initiative: We will take full ownership of our responsibilities, adapt to new situations and take opportunities to make things happen.
Team Together: We will create a friendly and social environment and collaborate with our colleagues across business areas to build a team that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Rua Julio Dinis 676 1,
4050-320, Porto,

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