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You don't like insurance?
That's good, neither do we, and that's why we created Lovys.
Lovys is the first all-in-one 100% digital insurance that drives:

• To create reliable protection - instead of disappointing insurance.
• To put an end to small asterisks and exceptions.
• To solve a problem in one click...

For this reason, we are, of course, advocating the use of simple language. In concrete terms: we offer a monthly insurance subscription as an alternative to old contracts. The difference? In addition to a 100% digital experience, the customer can change or cancel his subscription at any time, but also customize it according to his needs.
Lovys is a technology company for insurance, founded in 2017 in the heart of Paris, France. We are a team of over 10 nationalities, working from 5 countries. We have recently fundraised a record amount of €3.7M in insurtech in France and are growing very fast - join this exciting journey!