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Syone is present in Portugal since 1999.
With a dynamic team, with about 135 employees, Syone is a reference in several projects and technologies in various sectors: Telecommunications, Banking, Insurance, Retail, Utilities and Public Administration.

With an accumulated experience of 20 years and many cases of successful referenceable customers in Portugal and abroad, Syone is now recognized as a Centre of Competence involved in several projects throughout Europe.

Beyond the specific know-how in Red Hat, SAP, Elastic, CouchBase and HortonWorks technologies, we develop products and services in the following multi-platform key areas:

• Mobile Solutions
• Business Intelligence, Information Management Solutions & Big Data
• Development & Integration
• Red Hat, JBoss & Linux Solutions

Rua Alfredo Silva, nº8 – Edificio Stern Piso 3D
2610-016 Alfragide

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