Leiria - IPLeiria, Auditorium 1

Java Meetup : Enterprise Productivity Frameworks

15 de Maio de 2019

Meetup Event : https://www.meetup.com/pt-BR/TICE-Leiria/events/261012630/

We are pleased to announce the next Meetup on Java Productivity with Bruno Baptista and Robert Cortez, in partnership with the CoimbraJUG,

We will share about Quarkus and Microprofiles on two talks, one comparing three different Java productivity frameworks on a concrete example, and one about Microprofiles,

The event is organized jointly with CoimbraJUG, TICE.Leiria, IPL, and will take place at the Auditorium 1 in the IPL, see the map for parking indication), from 18h30 to 20h30, with informal break,

If you want to join the community for a dinner please register here : https://bit.ly/2ZHA4gF

The event is free and requires inscription on Meetup, a raffle will be done for RSVP members,

Thanks in advance for your participation and for your help in sharing the event,

Hoping to see you there!


Java Enterprise Comparison : TomEE, Spring Boot, Quarkus

Comparing performance of Java Frameworks Spring Boot and Jakarta EE/Java EE have been the frameworks of choice to develop services in Enterprise Java. Recently, a new player jumped in, Quarkus. Made by Red Hat, It uses a short list of common libraries, including Microprofile. It's tailored for GraalVM & OpenJDK HotSpot and promises exceptional startup performance. The presentation will show the same application developed on the 3 platforms. It will feature Apache TomEE, Spring Boot and Quarkus to highlight the main differences between them regarding development, deployment and performance.

Lightweight Enterprise Java with MicroProfile

I laugh at people that tell me that Java is slow, heavyweight and cumbersome. Maybe it was true when we had EJB2. I will prove to you that we can develop Enterprise Applications with just a few lines of code that can run in a Raspberry PI. If it runs in a PI, I think we can safely say it would run anywhere! To be able to do it, I’m going to use a new platform called Microprofile. Microprofile optimizes Enterprise Java for a Microservices Architecture and delivers application portability across multiple runtimes. You can use a subset of the Java specifications to develop Microprofile applications, with JAX-RS, CDI, and JSON-P and later evolve it with Config, OpenAPI, Metrics, Tracing and JWTs. Join me for this live coding session and help me spread the word that Java is actually great for the Enterprise.

About the speakers

Bruno Baptista,

Is a well versed Java and Open Source technology developer and Tech Lead Engineer at Talkdesk. With over 10 years as an enterprise level engineer, is an Apache TomEE contributor, Microprofile.io committer, JUG organizer in Coimbra, co-founder of Cork JUG in Ireland and co-founder and organizer of the JNation.pt conference.

Roberto Cortez

Passionate Java Developer and Java Champion with more than 10 years of experience. He is involved within the Open Source Community to help other individuals spread the knowledge about Java technologies. He is a regular speaker at conferences like JavaOne, Devoxx, JFokus, and others, leads the Coimbra JUG, JNation conference and enjoys writing blog posts.