Porto - TBA

Hackacity 2023

24 de Novembro de 2023

Where data enthusiasts gather to tackle Porto’s present and future challenges.

Hackacity is a one-of-a-kind hackathon that explores the potential of open city data to develop solutions that will impact the community.

Since 2016, 5 Hackacity editions have been held in Porto. As the city works its datasets and gets further in the decision-making support, the hackatons become more and more challenging.

1st place | 3.000 Euros
2nd place | 2.000 Euros
3rd place | 1.000 Euros
Data Quality Award | 1.000 Euros

* All prizes are awarded in gift cards (Amazon ES, Cartão Dá or FNAC).

Evaluate and improve the data of the city.
Network with other data enthusiasts and specialists.
Positively impact the community with your solution.
Have a great time with your team!
Hack some Prizes!