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Workshop "The Amazing World of NoCode"

30 de Setembro de 2023

Our upcoming in-person workshop will take place at Le Wagon | Lisboa , on September 30!

We are pleased to invite you to participate at a workshop about NoCode technology presented by Rita Sofio.

Rita is a Web Developer & Designer, passionated about the IT area. Although she has started her career as a Scientific Researcher, she decided to take a course about NoCode in 2022 and did a change in her career.

What she brings to this workshop is not only her knowledge and expertise about NoCode, but also an example of career change.

- Entering the Tech World - Important Guidelines
- NoCode Concepts
- NoCode Products
- NoCode Tools
- Practical Exercise – in Softr (Nocode tool)
- Top NoCode Tools insight
- AI Tool insight

We hope that you feel inspired to hear Rita and learn from her and count on you to participate in this workshop.

As always, the registration is free but with limited places. So, don't miss your spot!