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With more than 48 years of existence and living a cycle of expansion of its activity by the recent integration in the FUTURE Group, multinational engineering group, based in Portugal, FUTURE COMPTA, is specialized in developing, integrating and optimizing solutions in the IT - Information Technologies domain.

The technology it develops is its privileged way of touching and shaping the Society and the World in which we live. Digital for People is the commitment and responsibility that FUTURE COMPTA takes to contribute to a better, more sustainable world where people are first.

FUTURE COMPTA, asserts itself globally, as a company of Innovation and Development of Digital Products, where IOT solutions across multiple markets are framed, having the capacity to operate comprehensively as a technology integrator and provider of IT Services and end-to-end business solutions.

In the sectors where it operates, it delivers value by efficiently managing the operations and means of its customers through an Intelligent Consulting approach.

More information at: www.future-compta.com

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